5 Best CNC Plasma Table Reviews [2021]

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Welding used to be a very difficult job before. Only industrial workers and person who has special expertise in this field can do the job. But now the time has changed. Today, welding has been accessible to a lot of people.

Only sophisticated and expert welders could cut the metal sheets properly, but now a lot of people can do it effortlessly. One of the major reasons behind that is the CNC plasma table. These machines can be massive or compact, depending on the design. 

The elaboration of CNC is – Computer numerical control. A CNC plasma cutter is a device that works with CNC. It basically utilizes the CNC table. Plasma cutting means, cutting through materials that are electrically conductive. It makes the use of hot plasma for acceleration.

They reduced the metal by melting them to the plasma level. The hot plasma is then directed to the material, to complete a precise cut. The materials that you work on are usually copper, Aluminum, steel, etc. To achieve the best result, we use a plasma table.

It ensures that you get a precise cut. Plasma cutters are very difficult to handle, so you need something extra to help you out. Plasma cutters can be dangerous, too, if not handled properly.

To ease up things, a plasma table comes into rescue. No matter if you use a plasma cutter for heavy work or for once in a week project, you must own a plasma table. 

Buying a plasma table for beginners can be tricky, as you don’t know what to look for. In this article, I will take you through the best CNC plasma table available in the market.

We will get through the features of each one so that you can select which one is appropriate for your project. So, get ready and choose the perfect Plasma table that you were looking for. 

Best CNC Plasma Tables from The Market

Here are our picks for the best CNC Plasma tables. Plasma tables are expensive. So you better sort out your requirements and adequately invest in a plasma table.

1. Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table

Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table

Baileigh is well-known for its high-quality industrial items. This Plasma cutting table is the best one in the market. If you want something reliable, then go for this one. You can do heavy metalwork on this table. The operable area of this table is huge.

The area is about 31 inches length and 29 inches in width. You can work on a big metal project comfortably on this table. This table comes in a pro-built way.

So, you do not need to assemble it. You can start working right away. No need to waste time getting ready for the table.

The software that comes with the table is straightforward to understand. It is user-friendly. You can load the software on the table with a USB stick. The weight of this plasma table is 500 lbs.

It needs 100 volts of power to operate. These metrics are pretty standard in this area. You can easily perform your job.

It comes with two types of torch holders; one is customized, and the other is automated. For a beginner, it is better to start with a computerized torch. 


  • It has a water table.
  • It comes with a pre-assembled state.
  • Easy to operate the software.
  • The function area is huge.


  • The torch holder has no height control. 

2. Firebird 48-L CNC Plasma Cutting Table

This is another famous brand for the plasma cutting table. This model came into the market in 2017; since then, it has been popular among users. This has been a popular choice for many welders.

This table has a larger area of 48 inches in length and width both. Since the size is huge, make sure the room where you will work has enough space. You get better torque, better precision, higher durability, and lower friction in this plasma table.

This table has four motor drivers to increase the overall efficiency. The table produces high torque at low speed. The table comes with a rail system that ensures better precision. Two software are compatible with this cutting table. One is sheet cam for nesting purpose, and the other is Match 3 for controlling motion.


  • It comes with a height control torch.
  • Affordable product.
  • Bigger area.
  • High precision.


  • No cooling system, some with it. 

3. CNC Gas Oxyfuel Flame Plasma Cutting Table

Oxyfuel Flame Plasma Cutting Table is a huge machine that comes with different features. These tables come with an automatic torch with height control. But be careful in cutting materials, as is the cutter gets too closed to the material it can create problems.

It can also overheat the parts of the table. The cutting area is 59 inches by 98 inches. The area is pretty wide, which will help you to work in any kind of project. This table also comes with StarCam software that allows you to draw on your personal computer and later copy in the machine.

But the negative point is, these tables don’t come with a water tank. It won’t help with smoke and dust containment. 


  • It comes with a fan that keeps everything cool.
  • It has a large cutting range.
  • It comes with height control.


  • This plasma table is costly.
  • The size is too large.
  • No water tank available with this. 

4. GMC, Plasma Table, PT-0510/105A

GMC, Plasma Table, PT-0510/105A

You can do any kind of project with this plasma table. First of all, the working area is huge. You can fit any massive project here. The software that comes with this product is called Hyperterm UCAN NEST V10. This is a powerful software that brings life to your dream ideas.

This GMC plasma software is based on Windows operating system. You can try the demo version before investing in the actual one. The basic shapes and other library elements are already included.

You can start working right away. The plasma of this machine is from the Hypertherm Powermax source.

This helps to cut the metal precisely and without leaving any clean-cut edges. It comes with extra motors that ensure more precise cutting.

There is a vacuum system in these tables that keeps it free from dust. You can cut thick metals too. You even can watch demo videos with a tutorial that will teach you how you can use this table. 


  • Waterproof control buttons.
  • It comes with height control.
  • There is built-in fog and dust vacuum system.


  • Expensive item.
  • This table is heavy.
  • It doesn’t come with assembling. 

5. CNC Gas Oxyfuel Flame Plasma Cutting Table

This is the last one from our list, but not the least. Anyone can use this plasma table as it is very user-friendly. These plasma tables are available in multiple sizes; you can select any one of the sizes that are suitable for you. Four sizes are available for you to choose form.

With plasma, this cutting table comes with Oxyfuel flame for welding. The localized operation provides precise cutting. This table is suitable for a design that covers larger areas. The flame works excellent too. Another unique feature is that these tables have language settings.

So, if your primary language is not English, then this is not a problem. This table is also compatible with popular drawing software. But there is not a water tank and accessories that come with this product. 


  • It comes in multiple sizes.
  • It has both plasmas cutting and oxyfuel flame.
  • Compatible with Auto CAD software.
  • It can cut thick metals too.


  • Too heavy.
  • No water tank included. 

Metal fabrication:

Metal fabrication is usually the creation of metal structures by bending, cutting, and assembling processes. This value-added process involves creating machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials.

Firebird CNC plasma:

It has a CNC motion control system. This plasma comes with a SLAT material support system. Again, it has an automatic material height sensor and an automatic cable management system.

Things to consider before buying a plasma cutting table

Keep in mind the following things before you invest in a plasma cutting table:


Check the compatibility of the software. Some plasma tables allow you to work with different software. Make sure it can run in a customized table. Check the compatibility and user-friendly function of the software. 

Vacuum system

Choose a plasma table that comes with the vacuum system so that you can clean the dust. It makes your tool to last for a longer time. Make sure it has a water tank. All this functionality comes with a water tank.

Material Quality

Buy a plasma table that has a sturdy build so that it becomes durable and last you for years. The table made with steel has lighter weight. On the other side, machine-made with Aluminum is sturdy. But the loads are heavy. 


Check the quality of the motor torch. Servo motors are known best and widely used. Plus, you can move those in many directions. 


The plasma table comes with a warranty that is much more appreciable. It ensures replacement if you face any problem. Try to buy something that comes with a warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best plasma table?

Ans: Popular brands like; Baileigh, Firebird, etc., made a very good quality plasma table.

How thick a plasma cutter can cut?

Ans: Plasma cutting is an effective way to cut a thin and thick material. The handheld torches can cut up to 38 mm.

Will a plasma cutter cut Aluminum?

Ans: A plasma cutter can cut any kind of conductive material. Yes, it can cut Aluminum. 

Can a plasma cutter cut glass?

Ans:  Cutting can be dangerous. You can get sparks and molten bits flying while cutting any metal. Be careful if you have to cut any glass with plasma.

Can a plasma cutter cut stone?

Ans: You can cut parts from metal, stone, copper, brass, foam, graphite composites, rubber, plastic, granite, and even paper by using your water jet cutting equipment.


All of the plasma table from our list has a good reputation and user ratings. Depending on your type of project, you can choose the one that is right for you. The budget is also on the matter. You should choose the one that fits on your budget.

From this list, my favorite is the Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table. It comes with a more significant working area. You can do any type of project. There is also a water tank that comes with it. You won’t get dust or fog.  The software that comes with it very user-friendly. Anyone can use it. 

Choose any of the plasma tables from our list and bring life to your dream project.