8 Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel – Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

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Best drill bits for stainless steelDrilling is a bit challenging task. Most of the case, you cannot carry out this job with a conventional drilling tool.

That’s why you should take highly useful stuff that is specially manufactured to bore stainless steel entirely.

A drill bit for stainless steel is typically used for tiring drills on the steel surface. Also, it is widely applied to different types of hard metallic objects.

High speed, titanium, and Cobalt are some great types of drill that make an excellent cutting. The specialty of Cobalt and titanium are it gives a smooth and errorless cutting.

These can ensure that the metal surface will never get any damage.

Additionally, the high-speed pieces of equipment have excellent heat resistant capability and pretty compatible with wood, fiberglass, aluminum, PVC, etc.

Choosing the accurate drill bit for the stainless steels is the crucial fact of the success of any project.

Below, I am reviewing a bunch of products that are considered the most effective tools around the market. This comprehensive discussion can help you which one should you prefer for your specific job.

Also, I am providing you with some unique buying hacks and some additional information.

Best drill bits for stainless steel Comparison Chart: [2021]

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8 Best drill bits for stainless steel Reviews:

1. Neiko 10194A Titanium Step Drill Bit, High Speed Steel | 1/4 to 1-3/8 | Total 10 Step Sizes:

Neiko 10194A Titanium Step Drill Bit, High Speed Steel | 1/4 to 1-3/8 | Total 10 Step SizesNeiko Titanium could be a solid object to every user. Even it is pretty suitable for novice users. This is an ideal object for galvanizing.

Also, it is entirely compatible with every kind of stainless steel and electrical cabinet. Besides making holes, it helps to enlarge the existing holes in the surface area.

It has an impressive swift control capability. You can use it for an extended period. Cause, it is very sturdy and extremely durable.

But you will get enough flexibility to operate this for its user-friendly feature. Moreover, you will get a quick result through this gadget.

Titanium HSS bits are made from carbon steel with the addition of other elements like chrome and vanadium. It allows them to be used at high drilling speeds. HSS bits can be used to drill steel, iron, and other metals like brass, copper, and aluminum alloy. It can also be used to drill plastic.

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2. Bosch CO2143 1/4 In. x 4 In. Cobalt Drill Bit:

Bosch CO2143 1/4 In. x 4 In. Cobalt Drill BitBosch Cobalt is presenting you more than twenty-one drill bits for a large number of dimensions. It is suitable enough for drilling every type of electronic project properly.

It will never make any scratches over the paint. You can make a couple of modest holes by giving a reasonable effort. Moreover, it never binds after entering the metal.

Its twists have an impressive sharpness that makes a deeper penetration at the steeper angle.

Above all these excellent characteristics, this model is pretty reasonable in price and one of the best bore tools in the market.

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3. DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set with Pilot Point, 14-Piece (DWA1240):

DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set with Pilot Point, 14-Piece (DWA1240)This Cobalt bit from well-known brand Dewalt gives the maximum level of speed and ensures adequate safety of the steel surface.

Also, it makes cutting comparatively faster and more effective than other devices. Its included torque delivers a professional level boring hole.

The designed tip delivers satisfactory performance, and you will never get any hassles on the steel.

The significant fact is it suitable enough for carrying out professional-level projects correctly. Also, you will enjoy its super sharpness that is durable enough and never breaks easily.

Even the prices are relatively reasonable for the limited budget customers.

To get a sound cutting experience, this could be the best drill bits for you at a cheap rate! I highly recommend it to get a satisfactory result.

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4. Drill America 5/8″ Reduced Shank High Speed Steel Drill Bit with 1/2″ Shank, DWDRSD Series:

Drill America 5/8" Reduced Shank High Speed Steel Drill Bit with 1/2" Shank, DWDRSD Series
Boring on the thin steel plate or any other thinner areas is quite tricky. Also, there is a big possibility of damaging the surface. In this case, Drill America could be a sound solution.

Cause, this excellent model can make holes on the tiniest part pretty simple. Additionally, it is suitable enough for the hard metal application.

The provided materials are perfect both for low level and intermediate level tensile strength.

Its wear-resistant capability is tremendous, and the grips are soft and comfortable. Another impressive feature of the tool is it moves clockwise direction and never clogs.

Overall, this is a great item. I highly suggest it to you.

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5. Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set, 29 Piece:

Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set, 29 Piece
Irwin Tools comes with various shape and size. It is ideal for heavy web construction for its super strength and extreme durability. The coolest fact is it helps to maximize the cutting edge life.

The tips can move 135 degrees point and require less force. The rubberized molded case helps to protect against severe damage after accidental dropping. Moreover, the cartridges are simple to remove from the worksite.

In general, Irwin Tools is an ideal product and compatible both for heavy and medium duty project.

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6. VonHaus 100-Piece Drill and Drive Bit Set with Titanium Coated HSS Bits and Storage Case for Drilling Metal, Wood, Masonry and Plastic:

VonHaus 100-Piece Drill and Drive Bit Set with Titanium Coated HSS Bits and Storage Case for Drilling Metal, Wood, Masonry and Plastic
VonHaus 100-Piece is an excellent tool for masonry, metalworking and woodworking projects. This well-designed object gives a clean and quick cutting.

Also, you will get a precision drilling and transparent labeling. It is placed in a color-oriented way.

As a result, you can pick up the required item very quickly within a second. Additionally, the window gives a clear view always.

The maintenance and storage become easy for the included ergonomic designed curved handle. Even the transport anon is effortless for this adjustable handle.

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7. BLACK+DECKER BDA91109 Combination Accessory Set, 109-Piece:

BLACK+DECKER BDA91109 Combination Accessory Set, 109-Piece
BDA91109 is a user-friendly frequently usable model. Its shape and size are ideal and universal for the maximum types of projects.

Even its set-up process is quite straight-forward and time-saving enough. It presents a variety number of drill bits and the most common applications with metal, wood, masonry, and plastic.

Also, you are getting a bad case. The case is very durable and makes transportation comfortable.

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8. Makita T-01725 Contractor Grade Bit Set, 70-Pc. with B-34833 Impact GOLD 9 Pc. 3/8″ Drive SAE Socket Set w/ 15° Tilt Socket Adapter & B-35097 Impact GOLD Ultra-Magnetic Torsion Insert Bit Holder:

Makita T-01725 Contractor Grade Bit Set, 70-Pc. with B-34833 Impact GOLD 9 Pc. 3/8" Drive SAE Socket Set w/ 15° Tilt Socket Adapter & B-35097 Impact GOLD Ultra-Magnetic Torsion Insert Bit Holder
Famous brand Makita T-01725 provides an excellent solution for driving, fastening, and drilling. The included black-oxide coat prevents the decaying actively and maximizes longevity.

The speed is high enough, and you can move the tip around 135 degrees angle. To get a faster and effective boring, it could be the perfect selection for you.

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Cobalt alloy:

Cobalt alloy bits usually perform better than titanium ones. It contains at least 5 percent cobalt, while the rest of the metal is steel. The advantage of using Cobalt is to enhance the heat resistance of the bits.

5 Considering facts while buying a drill bit:

1. Accuracy:

At first, you should check its accuracy and effectiveness. Make sure that it is compatible with your required project.

2. Soft grip and simple storage:

You may carry the device outside of the home. If the included grip is soft and flexible your transportation will be comfortable. Moreover, you can enjoy maintenance-free storage.

3. Corrosion-proof:

It needs to prevent the early corrosion to ensure a long time service. Make sure that your selected item is nicely coated.

4. Speed:

Another thing you should check how speedy your machine is. Everyone prefers the fastest items to maximizes productivity.

5. Others:

It should be universal in application and user-friendly. Also, check the price and warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Will titanium drill bit go through stainless steel?

A: There are two types of drill bits that are used for metalworking projects. These are titanium and Cobalt. These bits are high-speed steel drill bits (HSS). They have a titanium oxide coating. They are especially better for drilling through cast iron, stainless steel, and titanium.

Q: Can I use an SDS drill bit in a standard drill?

A: You should not use SDS drill bits in your standard drill. The chuck on your hammer drill or standard rotary drill is not designed for SDS drill bits. That’s why the bits can come loose, damage the drill and affect the quality of the work.

Q: What does HSS drill mean?

A: High-speed steel (HSS) is a form of tool steel. This HSS step bits are hard and more resistant to heat than high-carbon steel. Again it can be used to drill hardwood, metal and most other materials at greater cutting speeds than carbon-steel bits. They have also largely replaced carbon steels.

Q: Can I use a wood drilling bit for metal boring?

A: Most of the time, you will get an unsatisfactory result. You cannot make an accurate hole, and it will affect the surface area. That’s why it is better to avoid it.

Q: What are the advantages of applying the metal building stuff to make your home?

1. First of all, it will require less additional tools.
2. It will maximize the durability
3. The handle will be comfortable
4. You will get enough flexibility to move
5. These are fire-proof and paste-proof
6. These can vigorously protect corrosion.
7. You will get an optimum level of strength.

Q: What are the supportive materials for drill bit?

A: Different kinds of materials are required for boring. The most common objects are:

1. Low carbon:
Comparatively, it is less expensive and helps to make a frequent sharpening. Usually, it is used for every type of wooden items.

2. High carbon steel:
This is very durable. You can apply it both for wood and metal. But never let it over tempered. Cause, its heat resisting capability is relatively low.

3. HSS (high-speed steel):
HSS is hard enough and has an impressive heat resistant capability. Also, the speed is high enough and highly durable.

4. Cobalt:
It is exceptionally sturdy and serves for an extended period. Its enduring heat power is tremendous and ideal for wood, plastic, and metal.

5. Tungsten carbide:
Like the Cobalt, tungsten is also sturdy and durable. It is strongly corrosion-proof and able to withstand a massive range of heat and pressure.

Q: What types of coating are used on a drill bit?

A: Drill Bit Coating

The most common 2 coatings are:

1. Black oxide:
It is a cheap but effective coating item. It gives excellent heat and corrosion resistant. Also, it provides adequate lubricity and maximizes the longevity of the drill.

2. Titanium Nitride:
This is a hard ceramic substance. It is used for high-speed steels. This can improve the cutting quality and maximizes the drills lifetime.

Final verdict:

Whether you pick Bosch, Drill America or other mentioned models, you must match the hole diameter and its depth. The drill bits directly impacts on productivity and dull quality.

That’s why choosing the right product is your first condition, and in this case, my offered goods could be the best options for you.