10 Best Metal Drill Bit for YOU – Review and Buying Guide [2021]

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Best metal drill bitA drill bit is a standard tool for home construction and many other applications.

This is designed for making a useful hole into the specified materials.

If the selected material is metallic, your drilling task becomes more complicated and challenging.

But some first quality drill bits are available that can bore any metal sheet perfectly.

This content, I share a list of metal drill bits that are best in quality and deliver a fantastic performance. Also, I highlight their pointed features, specialty, included benefits, even the cons if have any.

Best Metal Drill Bit Comparison Chart: 

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10 Best Metal Drill Bit Reviews:

1. DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set (best of the best):

DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit SetDEWALT is a reliable traditional brand. Its new model DW 1354 presents a couple of exclusive derivatives that are unique in quality.

The remarkable benefit you can get from this model is it has an excellent pilot tip. This tip used to prevent moving the object and keeps it stable.

The package includes 14 bits and another specialty of this tool it never spins a lot after the drilling push on.

Instead of rotating it quickly comes to contact with the material. Another fact it reduces the friction between the machine and workpiece. Also, it reduces heat, and there is no chance of sparking.

DW1354 presents a “No slip shank” that keeps the titanium quite tightly and put it on the correct position. It’s provided carrying case makes a secure and comfortable transportation facility.

Moreover, the model is universal in application. This 14-piece titanium drill bit is pretty compatible with plastic, ferrous and wooden objects. This is coated with titanium that makes it more stable and increases longevity. To get a super performance, I highly recommend it for you.

Highlighted features:
1. Titanium coating
2. No slip shank
3. Sound operation
4. Smart Carrying case.


1. You can enjoy a simple operation for its user-friendly mechanism.
2. It gives a clean hole
3. The hexagonal shape prevents the possibility of slippage
4. Drills into various kinds of stuff.

1. I never get any severe default of this model

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2. DEWALT DW1177 Black-Oxide Metal Drill Bit Set (best hex shank drill bits):

DEWALT DW1177 Black-Oxide Metal Drill Bit SetDW1177 is a round shank model. It includes twenty piece set that maximizes its speed and delivers a spectacular performance. The decorative oxide coating prevents it from corrosion and quick damage.

The given parabolic flute provides it with additional strength and maximizes the durability. Also, its accuracy is entirely satisfactory for its 135-degrees split design.

It can bore different types of objects like soft metal, wood, plastic, and PVC. Even the price is less costly. So it could be an ideal option for you.

Highlighted features:

1. Twenty-piece set
2. Rounded shank
3. Intended for wood, soft metal, and PVC.
4. 135-degrees split point


1. Black oxide vanish
2. 20 bits that make the operation faster
3. Parabolic flute
4. Cheap rate


Heat up quickly (require proper attention to avoid this)

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3. Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set, High Speed Steel | 3-Piece Set | Total 28 Sizes (best drill bits for wood and metal):

Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set, High Speed Steel | 3-Piece Set | Total 28 SizesNeiko could be a great tool both for your professional and weekend household duties. The product is pretty cheap and has super versatility. (Designed for wood, PVC and sheet metal).

You get reasonable control and excellent accuracy. It never rotates and slips. It gives a clean and accurate hole at a less effort.

The model comes in a three-piece set and accommodates with 28 variable sizes. In general, it is a perfect tool that ensures a long time use guarantee.

Highlighted features:

1. Three piece set
2. Twenty-eight different sizes
3. Hexagonal shank (reduces slippage)

1. Ideal for thinner metals
2. Variable sizes
3. Affordable price
4. No slippages

The carrying case is not good enough.

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4. DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set (titanium drill bits for metal):

DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit SetDW 1361 offers DIY and straightforward operation. That’s why it is an adorable toy to the weekend warriors. Also, it is pretty compatible with professional projects.

It comes with variable sizes with twenty-one piece set. Additionally, it includes a couple of exclusive features that make it a unique one than the average items.

The robust coating saves it from early corrosion and maximizes longevity. Moreover, it is entirely safe from slippage, unnecessary rotation and never sparks.

Finally, you can make a clean hole with the aid of its pointed tip and fantastic accuracy.

Highlighted features:
1. Specially intended for wood, soft metal, and PVC
2. Hexagonal shank
3. Twenty-one piece set

1. Clean service
2. Excellent accuracy
3. Slippage-free
4. Corrosion-proof

Comparatively a bit expensive

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5. DEWALT Drill Bit Set with Metal Index, 29-Piece (DW1969) (A trustable name):

DEWALT Drill Bit Set with Metal Index, 29-Piece (DW1969)DW1969 is a universal model and a trustable name to the professional workers. Even, it is a pretty cool option for homey projects.

The package comes with a beautiful carrying cage that catches the user’s good impression and makes the transportation simple and comfortable. It offers a 29-piece set.

The moving process is straightforward and ultimately a DIY technique. It never sparks, rotates or slippages. (the given hexagonal shank prevents slippage).

The effective coating saves it from moisture attack and corrosion. Moreover, the maintenance and string are pure and free from an additional cost.

Highlighted features:

1. 29-piece set
2. 50 variable sizes capability
3. DIY technique

1. No decay and slippage
2. Quick set-up
3. Compatible

There are no noticeable problems I have ever noticed

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6. DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set, 21-Piece (DW1342) (best drill bits for hardened steel):

DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set, 21-Piece (DW1342)Dw1342 is extremely powerful and delivers the most effective hole.

It has a deep penetration capability, and even it can bore a thicker metallic sheet very smoothly with high accuracy.

Also, it is good enough for wooden drilling items, plastic, and PVC. The product comes in a twenty-nine piece set with rounded shank design.

Its raw material is high-quality cobalt that makes it a sturdy and durable object.

But you get enough flexibility to run this. Cause, its moving process is relatively straight-forward and time-saving.

Moreover, it is 100 % safe from sparking and other potential accidents. You can utilize this magic tool for your as usual drilling tasks.

Highlighted features:
1. Intended both for thick and thin metal, wood and PVC.
2. Rounded shank feature
3. Twenty-nine piece set

1. Able to bore rough materials
2. Never heats up
3. Flexible maintenance
4. Extremely efficient
5. 135 degrees split
6. High speed

1. Requires an extra lubrication
2. Very expensive product

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7. Black & Decker 15-110 High-Speed Steel Drill Bit (Available at a low price) :

Black & Decker 15-110 High-Speed Steel Drill BitBlack & Decker is one of the cheapest items in the market, I have ever noticed. But the object is highly effective and delivers a satisfactory output.

The remarkable fact of Black & Decker is it is a beginner-friendly device. Cause, there is no complex functionality to operate. It is compatible with soft metal, PVC and wooden stuff.

It comes in ten piece set. Also, it includes a beautiful carrying case that makes transportation and storing quite easy. For its super durability, you can use this machine for a more extended period.

Highlighted features:

1. 29-piece set
2. Intended for PVC, soft metal and wood
3. Shank design

1. An ideal device for novice users.
2. Highly versatile
3. Simple storage and maintenance
4. Cheap rate

Not fit for commercial gigs.

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8. IRWIN Tools Spiral Flute Screw Extractors (best cobalt drill bits):

 IRWIN Tools Spiral Flute Screw ExtractorsBoring on the screw is quite tricky and getting the accuracy is very challenging. But well-known brand IRWIN can make an excellent shallow hole on the screw items.

IRWIN is made of high-quality cobalt that makes it an l highly effective drilling powerful device.

It comes in a ten-piece set with variable size options. The moving process is relatively simple and delivers a clean hole with super accuracy.

It is easy to maintain and store, even the carrying is straightforward for its soft handle.

Highlighted features:
1. 10-piece set
2. Rounded shank
3. Made of Cobalt

1. Left-hand Device
2. Powerful performance
3. Simple operation

No cons

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9. MIBRO 589201 Titanium Coated Wood and Metal Countersink Set, 5 Pieces (best drill bits for hardened steel):

MIBRO 589201 Titanium Coated Wood and Metal Countersink Set, 5 PiecesMibro 589201 comes in 5 different convenient sizes. It gives a beautiful clean finish. This can generate various type sinkholes for a flush screw.

Comparatively, it is longer in size and intended for wood, plastic, soft metal and PVC, and even it is entirely fit for rubberizes items.

Mibro 589201 has an impressive cutting capability that makes the hole cleaner and accurate. Its rigid construction makes it a highly durable object and gains the users` reliability.

Highlighted features:
1. Five-piece set
2. Round shank
3. Intended for rubber, PVC, soft metal, etc.

1. Titanium coating
2. Quick and effective performance
3. Durable

Not so sharp

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10. Milescraft 2320 Metal Stubby Drill Bit Set (best drill bit for hardened steel bolt):Milescraft 2320 Metal Stubby Drill Bit Set

Milescraft 2320 can make a sweet shallow hole at the right angle. It presents a quick-release feature that makes it more adorable and unique drilling equipment.

Also, you will like the multifunctional capability. It comes in a 5-piece set. The moving process is simple and user-friendly. The robust coating saves it from early-decaying, and it is free from sparking or heat up.

Highlighted features:
1. Intended for wood, soft metal, steel and PVC
2. Quick release formula
3. 5-piece set

1. 135 degrees helps to carry out the task with proper accuracy and less effort.
2. Standard bit size
3. ¼ inches shank design

Not appropriate for heavyweight gigs.

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135-degree split point:

It is used in drilling machines and portable drilling equipment. These bits provide easy penetration. It also makes quick clean cuts through metal.

What type of drill bit is best for metal?

According to the experts’ opinion, a metallic drill bit must have the following requirements:

1. Powerful coating to prevent decaying
2. Sharp needle
3. Great accuracy
4. Spark-free
5. Stability

HSS twist drill bit:

HSS twist drill bit is used for high drilling speeds. It can be used to drill iron, steel, and other metals like, brass, copper, and aluminum alloy. Again it can also be used to drill plastic.

What is masonry drill bit?

Masonry drill bits are designed usually for drilling into tough materials like stone, concrete or block.

Q: What are tungsten drill bits used for?

A: Tungsten carbide is combined with metals, like cobalt. It helps to make cutting tools. This is very hard. It offers bits that tipped with carbide to drill many holes into concrete and cut through reinforcing steel when necessary.

Q: What does HSS drill mean?

A: High-speed steel (HSS) is a form of tool steel. This HSS step bits are hard and more resistant to heat than high-carbon steel. Again it can be used to drill hardwood, metal and most other materials at greater cutting speeds than carbon-steel bits. They have also largely replaced carbon steels.

How to pick a quality Metal Drill Bit?

Each drill bit has different diversity and selects for the specific function. But most of the case this information are not printed over the box.

Here some secret trick to finding out the required product for your specific function.

1. Intended Material and its Purpose:

Ask yourself which materials are you going to bore PVC, plastic, Wood or metal? If the answer is affirmative, the maximum standard type drill bits are perfect for your project. But too much thick metal, you require a bit aggressive type machine.

On the other hand, for glass and tiles annoying, the drill bits tools are entirely different from metallic categories.

2. Shank Design:

Make sure that it will never slip and makes unwanted spinning. In this case, I prefer the hexagonal design device. Cause, these can actively prevent spinning and slippage.

3. Drill Bits Number:

The drill bits number is a big issue. Cause, it shows the different sizes option. Most of the case, 14-20 bits are perfect both for the weekend warrior and avid professional.

Additional tips for successful drilling:

1. Clean up the surface before set-up the machine
2. Make sure that you targeted the accurate place for drilling
3. Give proper attention and keeps your hand stable
4. After work, store the machine in a suitable location.

Final Verdict:

For your occasional needs take an ordinary cheap tool, but never compromise the quality. In this case, you may prefer Black & Decker to get a sound service.

On the other hand, the DEWALT model is perfect for the weekend warrior; even these are good enough for more complicated works.

The rest of the items are also great and better for every project.

Overall, to make a suitable hole in the workpiece, these mentioned goods are fabulous in performance and serves for a more extended period. So, go ahead and pick the best metal drill bit.