5 Best MIG Welding Gloves of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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best MIG welding gloves

Welding is an exciting job, but it is quite risky. Among all the risk, I am terrified of burns which is the most common accident in a welding operation.

Sparking and the molten metal is responsible for this burning.

After a study, I find out the following alarming facts:

  • Number one: At least 20% of workplace injuries are finger or hand injuries.
  • Number two: 20 to 25 % case, hospitalization required.
  • Number three: Serious injuries percentages are very shocking. 10% of the time people get seriously injured.

5 Best MIG Welding Gloves Comparison Chart [2020]: 

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5 Best MIG Welding Gloves Reviews:

1. Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding GloveLincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Glove

  • Manufacturer: Lincoln Electric:
  • Product specification:
  • Item weight: 12.2 ounces
  • Colour: Red and black
  • Dimension: 13 inches * 6 inches * 1 inches; large

Product features:

-You can enjoy an incredible flame and heat resistant.

-The proper stitching makes the item more durable. You can use it for an extended period.

– This is specially made for MIG welding and its premium grade.

Product description:

For its quality properties, the product is now a market-leading brand. I checked out its comfort and durability level.

The included sock lining makes it more comfortable. The extra thumb pad area maximizes the product’s longevity. Thumb design is very good.

What pros does it include?

-The feature I like most about this model is durability. Only a durable product can utilize my money and effort.

-Its superior design is my significant choice.

-I also like its flame-proof capability.

What are the drawbacks?

-The size annoys me a lot. These are the same in size. Except this, no other things bother me.

However, as it is pretty good in service, this is top of my choice. I highly recommended it for your welding task.

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2. Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding Glove Large:Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding Glove Large


  • Manufacturer: Miller
  • Colors: Blue and black
  • Dimension: 13.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 1 inch
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces

About the manufactured goods:

For a couple of reasons, I select this model. The model is offering you a lot of eye-catching facilities. I hardly find any noticeable problems. Yes, it has some limitations; but it is ignorable.


-Premium cowhide and pigskin are used to form this equipment.

-You will get double layer patches.

-To sew it 100 % Kevlar thread is used. (Kevlar thread is powerful kind of thread)

-An ideal gloves for TIG welding.

What are the merits that I like?

-The smart sewing that makes the item a guaranteed long-term servicing well.

-I get a cold feeling after wearing it.

In general, the excellent designs and facilities attract all the users. Experts give a high rating on this tool. You can get the ultimate level of satisfaction.

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3. US Forge 403 18-Inches Extra Length Welding Gloves:US Forge 403 18-Inches Extra Length Welding Gloves


  • Manufacturer: US Forge
  • Part Number: 403
  • Colors: White and gold
  • Sizes: 10 inches x 7 inches x 2 inches, universal
  • Weight: 3 lbs.

About the product:

US Forge 403 comes with a possible working environment. If you are seeking user-friendly welding gloves, it could be your perfect selection. It is good for mig and stick welding.


– US Forge 403 has a magical reinforce power.

-The leather is soft and comfortable enough.

-The durable nature makes this more desirable to the users.

What I like most:

-First of all, the softness and flexibility.

-The heat resistant power is my noticeable attraction

-The most fantastic thing I found, the item is long.

My dislike:

– The model cannot give too much heat protection.

However, I keep the product on my top choice. You also need to consider this highly recommended item.

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4. Caiman 1878-5 21-Inch One Size Fits All Genuine American Deerskin Welding Glove with Boarhide Leather Heat Shield and Cuff Caiman 1878-5 21-Inch One Size Fits All Genuine American Deerskin Welding Glove with Boarhide Leather Heat Shield and Cuff


  • Manufacturer: Caiman
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Sizes: 22 x 8 x 12 inches, one size fits all
  • Colors: Black and gold


-Sewn with a high-quality Kevlar thread.

-Versatile in the application. You are allowed to use it in stick, plasma even overhead welding.

– You will enjoy it’s a magical withstand capacity and flame resistant power. It will give you comfort and dexterity.

What I like most:

-The thing attacks me most is the length. Yes, 21 long gloves can adequately protect you.

– There is no possibility of any slippage.

My dislikes:

As it is too thick, I am afraid it will make you sweat a lot.

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5. NoCry Heavy Duty Heat Resistant & Flame Retardant Welding & BBQ Gloves, Premium Cowhide Leather, Long 14 inch Forearm NoCry Heavy Duty Heat Resistant & Flame Retardant Welding & BBQ Gloves, Premium Cowhide Leather, Long 14 inch ForearmProtection


  • Item Weight: 0.96 ounces
  • Part Number: nocry5
  • Color: Red
  • Package Dimensions: 14.9 inches x 7.4 inches x 1.5 inches

About the product:

This is one of my top choices. I think users like you get enough advantages from this object. Yes, it can give you a spiritual comfort with a strong guarantee.

Experts have a good impression on this tool. This is the best heat resistant welding gloves.

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Cowhide leather:

This top grain leather makes your gloves the longest lasting and highest quality welding gloves. Due to their durability, cowhide leather gloves are used for MIG welding and stick welding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you mean by shielded metal arc welding?

Shielded metal arc welding is also called manual metal arc welding, informally as stick welding or flux shielded arc welding. This welding process uses a consumable electrode that is covered with a flux to lay the weld. It helps to protect the weld area from oxygen and other atmospheric gases.

What is Flux-cored arc welding (fcaw)?

Basically, flux-cored arc welding is an automatic or semi-automatic arc welding process.

FCAW uses a continuous wire-fed electrode, constant-voltage, and constant-current welding power supply, and also similar equipment to MAG welding.

Are Kevlar gloves cut resistant?

Kevlar is able to offer an exceptional level of cut resistance to keep your hands safe.

These gloves are awesome for you who use knives or sharp tools. Butchers and meat cutters could use a pair of these gloves.

Why do you need to use welding gloves?

Do you know the reasons behind these unpleasant accidents?  An investigation shows 70% of injuries occur only for ignorance.

The workers tend to work without any hand gloves. That’s why those unpleasant industrial accidents are happening.

Protective gears have the same importance just like other working tools. You need to use eye and hand protection equipment. So, pick your gloves according to the type of welding.

First, the spatter and sparks are a significant threat. Maximum time, it affects the fingers. So you need to cover your hands.

Secondly, the hot soaring metal can give you unbearable pain.  To get rid of this, you required adequate protection.

Third, arc welding produces harmful rays. You need to be safe form this giant threat.

The welding process produces too much heat. This heat is really out of tolerance. Comparatively, your hands are more in danger than other body parts. To keep your hand safe, I advise you to consider a pair of welding gloves.

Types of welding gloves:

In the market, I find out at least 5 types of leather gloves.

-I discovered standard leather type gloves. The item is pretty flame-proof. You will get a providing flame layer.

-In some categories, I saw an excellent gripping capability. You can wear them for an extended period. You will never feel any discomfort.

-Some brands have excellent durable power and abrasion resistance.

-I also see many ordinary types of gloves.

Overall, in the welding market, I get various types of gloves. Among them, I found some unique quality brands.

Which materials are used to form a welding glove?

To make welding gloves both natural and artificial skins are used. My suggestion is to use natural skins. Comparatively, natural leathers have fewer side effects.

On the other hand, you will get more facilities and additional properties. To make it useful, gloves pair may use cowhide, goatskin, deerskin, etc. These have the more flame resistant and abrasion-proof ability.

MIG gloves should be more heat resistant and have reinforced power, but it should be light in weight. I am not suggesting you any specific brands. I advise you to think about my offered items. Those have multiple using competencies.

In the end, my final advice is, be safe in the welding operation. So wear quality gloves. It will be your most cool decision if you pick any of my offered goods. The reason is those are the best in class, quality feature, and design.

Some even have arm protection which helps to protect from heat and spatter. They fit perfectly. Materials are mainly made of pigskin and cowhide leather.

Welding Gloves Tips: