5 Best Stick Welding Gloves of 2021 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

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Best Stick Welding GlovesDo you know how much heat generates in a stick welding process?

Among all the welding process, this is the most common and widely used process.

It produces a tremendous amount of heat, sparks and spatters. These are a significant threat to workers.

These are responsible for the severe level of injuries even death!

So every worker must take adequate safety equipment in the welding time.

Among all types of safety tools, hand gloves are the essential one you should take as your hands are comparatively closer to the workplace than other body parts.

In the market, different categories of gloves are available. But consider the specialized gloves that are mainly manufactured for stick welding only. It should be thicker and heat resistant.

Below, I am presenting a list of products with a comprehensive description. The purpose of this discussion is to make you realize the importance of safety and suggesting the perfect items. My selected items are highly effective and pretty reliable to the end users.

Best Stick Welding Gloves Comparison Chart [2020]: 

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5 Best Stick Welding Gloves Reviews:

1. Caiman 1878-5 21-Inch One Size Fits All Genuine American Deerskin Welding Glove with Boarhide Leather Heat Shield and Cuf:Caiman 1878-5 21-Inch One Size Fits All Genuine American Deerskin Welding Glove with Boarhide Leather Heat Shield and Cuf

About the manufactured good:
Caiman 1878-5 is a leading brand and has massive popularity with the consumers.

It offers a lot of exclusive and unique features that make it out of the competition. Even this model gains a good impression from the experts and becomes their top choice.

Key features:

A. Durable and comfortable:
This is made of high-quality leather. So it is incredibly sturdy and durable. You can use it for an extended period without facing any problem.

Moreover, you will get super comfortable to wear this object. It never slips and makes the gripping easier.

B. Standard size and versatile:
The size and design are standard and has a stylish view that is eye-catching. The coolest thing is it is highly versatile.

You can use the stuff in every type of welding safety process. Also, it is suitable for different kinds of tasks.

C. Endurance power:
It can tolerate a massive amount of heat, spark and spatter. So your palm, wrist area, and elbows always keep safe. As a result, you can carry out the job nicely with proper relax.

Overall, Caiman 1878-5 is an excellent model. In my opinion, you should use it for better feedback.

Things you will like:
1. Superb comfort to use
2. Highly fireproof
3. Pressure resistant

1. A bit costly

1. Weight: 1lb
2. Package Dimension: 22 inches 8 inches x 12 inches
3. Material: leather
4. Colour: Gold and black

2. US Forge 403 18-Inches Extra Length Welding Gloves:US Forge 403 18-Inches Extra Length Welding Gloves

About the manufactured good:
US Forge 403 is another surprising model of my list. Its features are unique and advanced in the formula.

For the excellent service, it holds the top position in the competitive race.

Key features:
A. Universal:
US Forge 403 is remarkably great for its universal uses. It is fit for in different categories of function.

Besides welding, you can use it in camp firing, barbeque party, and many other tasks.

B. Effectiveness:
It can reinforce a massive amount of pressure and heat. Also, it fights against spark and spatters.

This is an ideal protector of your wrist, palm and arm areas. It should be flame resistant. It will give you comfort and durability.

C. Comfortable and long-lasting:
Another great thing is its excellent flexibility. The size is standard and comfortable to wear.

High-Class leather is used to manufacture it. So it is extremely durable and delivers a sound service.

In a word, this is an excellent product. I highly recommend you to purchase it.

Things you will like:
1. Long-lasting
2. Affordable
3. Multiple in functions

1. Not suitable if the hands are too short.


1. Weight: 4 ounces
2. Package Dimension: 10 Inches x 7 inches x 2 inches
3. Model No: 403

3. Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding Glove Large:Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding Glove Large

About the manufactured good:
Miller is a well recognized traditional brand. This is a reliable name to its users. The included properties and facilities make it an acceptable and demandable item to everyone.

Key features:

A. Capability:
This is extremely fire-proof. Also, has an adequate power to withstand a high level of pressure. It covers the entire hand very nicely.

The material is entirely fit for SMAW process. Also, you can apply this to MIG functions. But it is not suitable enough for TIG joining process.

B. Stability:

The included leather and thread is strong enough and assures proper balance.

Also, this is pretty comfortable to wear and quite flexible to grip. The shape is fit for the average hands’ size.

C. Others:
This is free from maintenance and storing cost. The company offers you a reasonable price. So you can afford it easily within your limited budget.

In a word, this is a great model. I highly suggest you own this fantastic stuff and enjoy the result.

Things you will like:
1. Flexible to wear
2. Cheap in rate
3. Variable shape

1. For extra padding, users get challenging to grip
You can rely on it. This could be the best choice for you.


1. Weight: 10.4 ounces
2. Package Dimension: 13 inches x 7 inches x 1.5 inches
3. Material: wool and leather

4. Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves | 14″ Lined Leather | Kevlar Stitching | K2979-ALL:Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves | 14" Lined Leather | Kevlar Stitching | K2979-ALL

About the manufactured good:

Key features:
Lincoln Electric is one of the most popular and widely used items.

It comes with a lot of marvelous derivatives that attacks the customer attention very quickly.

That’s why the model holds the top position in the competition for an extended period.

A. Flexible:
This is significantly great for its flexible operation. Yes, it is thick enough for proving proper safety, but it never gives you discomfort. You can grip everything easily.

B. Power and durability:
The item is tremendously flame-proof. It gives you perfect protection against heat, sparks as well as pressure. You can use it for a long time. Cause the item is highly durable and quite reliable.

C. Price:
Most of the Users like its cheap price rate. Yes, you can own it at your limited budget. But the company never compromise with its quality. Always it gives attention to maintain its class and provide a sound service.

Things you will like:
1. Universal in function
2. Durable
3. Sweat absorbent

1. Too large for small size hands.

1. Weight: 12.2 ounces
2. Package Dimension: 13 inches x 7 inches 1 inch
3. Model/ Brand Name: Lincoln Electric
4. Colour: Black and red

5. Steiner 21923-L Welding Gloves, Burnt orange Y-Series 23-Inch Length Shoulder Split Cowhide, Foam Lined, Large:

 Steiner 21923-L Welding Gloves, Burnt orange Y-Series 23-Inch Length Shoulder Split Cowhide, Foam Lined, LargeAbout the manufactured good:
Key features:

A. Universal in function:
This is suitable for both stick and MIG welding. Also, you can use it for TIG welding and overhead welding. Even you can apply it barbeque and camp firing.

TIG welders can be used to weld stainless steel, nickel alloys, magnesium, copper, brass, bronze, gold, etc.

B. Durable:
High-class split leather and thread are used to manufacture this item. So it is quite sturdy and assures the users a long-lasting service.

It has strong sweat absorbance power, excellent flame-proof capability, and extreme pressure resistance.

C. Others:
This is versatile in function and compatible enough. The size is standard for the average hands’ size and comfortable enough. Even the price of the product is pretty reasonable for your limited budget.

Things you will like:
1. Flexible and soft
2. Abrasion-proof
3. Lightweight

1. Bad quality stitching
2. Sometimes controlling becomes difficult for over thickness
In the expert’s eye, Steiner is highly effective and a trustable kit. So you should buy it for getting satisfactory service.

1. Weight: 1.15 lbs
2. Package Dimension: 6 inches x 1 inches x 1 inches
3. Material: Cotton
4. Colour: Brown

Double palm stick welding gloves:

It comes with premium quality cowhide leather. The color combination is making the glove good looking. It provides extra durability and high abrasions.

Pigskin leather Gloves:

It is High-quality gloves. These gloves are heat resistant. They fit so well and nice looking. You can easily move your hand. It is durable and comfortable, as well.

Elk skin and deerskin gloves:

They are made in the USA. It gives you ultimate comfort, proper fit, and feel nice. The leather of this glove is quite soft. It is long-lasting gloves.

4 special buying tips for picking the right item:

1. Versatility:

A professional welder has to do various types of joining jobs. So his selected heavy-duty gloves should be fit for every kind of welding; for example MIG, stick, TIG, etc. These are cut resistant and works well under extreme heat.

2. Perfect size and durability:

Check the raw materials used to manufacture it. If the manufactures use good quality leather and thread, the item will be strong and durable. Make sure the size of the stuff matches with your hands and fits comfortably.

3. Comfortable to use:

Many items have adequate durability and proper endurance power. But these are not flexible to handle and difficult to grip.

You cannot get a sound performance from these materials. That’s why besides the durability, check its user-friendly mechanism.

4. Tolerance limit:

The gloves must be highly fire-proof and with heat resistance. Also, it should be sweat absorbent and pressure resistance. It has to cover the entire arm adequately. Most gauntlet gives protection from ultraviolet rays.

5. Price and maintenance:

The price should be reasonable. Also, the support and storing process should be effortless. Go for the one with premium leather.

Frequently asked the question (FAQ):

Q: Why leather gloves are more popular and effective?

A: Top grain leather can give super absorbance power. Comparatively, its endurance power is higher than other types of gloves. Also, it is more comfortable and flexible to use.

Q: Why should I consider proper dexterity?

A: A comfortable working environment is key to a successful result. Dexterity is one of the essential facts to get adequate comfort and flexibility.

The research shows that only high-quality leather gloves can provide sufficient ability. to move freely. Look for the ones with elk skin as well.

Q: Which thumb style should I choose?

A: It depends on the user to user. But a survey shows that the maximum consumers prefer wing or keystone thumb style.

These are ergonomic in shape. The straight thumb styles are another widely used and acceptable one.

Q: How much money should I spend on my gloves?

A: It depends on your needs and budget. But never take any low price item. Cause, those cannot provide you with a satisfactory service. But that does not mean you should spend a lot. Spend 10 to 100 dollars. Within this range, you will get ideal stuff for use.

Q: Where are the differences among goatskin, deerskin and cowhide gloves?

A: The research shows:
1. Deerskin: Comparatively more flexible
2. Cowhide: Highly long-lasting
3. Goatskin: Average in performance

Final thought:

My every product maintains excellent quality and delivers a satisfactory performance. So you can trust on my mentioned goods. Hopefully, you will like the result.

I wish safe and comfortable welding for you. Go for the best stick welding gloves with superior protection and stay safe.