5 Best Tungsten for Aluminum – Reviews & Buying Guide [2021]

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best tungsten for aluminumTungsten is a trendy and desirable metal. To a stylish man, it has great value. In recent time, it became a favorite wedding ring.

What is tungsten?

Another name for tungsten is Wolfram. It is a pretty heavy stone.
-Tungsten has super melting points.
-The most massive metal that is widely used in jewelry.
-It is very hard in nature and has incredible abrasion resistance.

5 Best Tungsten for Aluminum Reviews With Editorial Ratings [2021]: 

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  • GENSSI TIG Welding Tungsten Electrode 175mm (7″) (1/16 (1.6mm) inch blue WL20)

  • Amplify Brand 2% Lanthanated Tungsten Electrodes – 3/32″ (2.4mm)

  • Amplify Brand 2% Lanthanated Tungsten Electrodes – 1/16″ (1.6mm)

  • TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes 2% Ceriated 1/8″ X 7″ Grey Tungsten Welding Rods WC20

  • SB-3D Cylinder Shape End Tungsten Carbide Burr, B-3 Die Grinder Cutting Bit 1/4″

Tungsten properties:

  • At room temperature, it is stable.
  • It shows the highest melting point and also tensile strength.
  • This metal has a superb corrosion-proof capability.

What are the applications of tungsten?

It is not an ordinary household item that people think. For its flexibility and super melting point, this object has a numerous application.

-You will see its existence in the bulb filaments. Tungsten plays a vital role in illumination.

-The incredible high-temperature feature of this material is beneficial for X-ray. You will surprise for its high-temperature withstand capability.

-This is an essential element of the television tube.

In the arc welding, tungsten has a significant role. As a welder, you should know the application of tungsten in arc welding. You need to find out the best tungsten for stainless steel such as aluminum.

You should select the perfect color, size, and shape. Besides this, you have to know how to apply it over the aluminum.

Tig tungsten:

Tungsten is a magical thing for TIG welding sectors. This is excellent for any stainless steel. You can get a super useful result. This is great for Aluminum, magnesium and other metals.

CK worlwide tungsten gives you excellent performance. They provides you the most versatile tungsten on the market.

Tungsten for aluminum Electrode Size:

You should avoid a common but the most costly mistake. You will see that most of the welders choose the wrong electrode. My suggestion is- never take a tinny or small type electrode.

It will suffer you a lot. From a small wire, you will face sloppy welding. To get enough heat, select at least 1/8 inches electrode. For AC welding you can consider 3/16 inches to 3/32 inches size. That means, the secret key is matching the perfect size.

You are allowed to use the following electrodes. To use these, you need to follow some rules and condition that discuss in the below.

Tungsten electrodes Guidelines:

You know that each electrode has a color-code. This code is to eliminate any further concussion.

1. Pure Tungsten:

  • Colour code-green
  • This is the highest consumption speed.
  • It contains 99.50 percent tungsten
  • Pure tungsten can assure a stable arc welding, In particular on AL.
  • This is not a good option for Dc welding.

2. Thoriated:

  • Color Code-Red
  • Thoriated contains 97.30 % tungsten and 1.70 % thorium
  • Most widely used electrode
  • It has super longevity.
  • This is pretty easy to use.
  • As a low deposition rate, you will get less contamination.
  • This is applicable both for AC and DC

3. Created:

  • color code: orange
  • contains 97.30% tungsten, 2.20 percent cerium
  • Special for DC welding

You will also see gold, brown and grey color-code tungsten too.

What color tungsten for aluminum?

  • Orange: Two percent (only on AC)
  • Blue: two percent (both AC and DC)
  • Gold: one and a half percent (Both AC and DC)
  • Green: Only for DC

[Caution: Never use green tungsten on AC]
For a useful result, you have to give the perfect set-up

Gold plated tungsten durability:

This magically works over the gold. You have to rely on its abrasion-proof power. This heavy meal gives a big coat over the gold surface.

As a result, the ornament gets more to withstand the force and becomes a long-lasting material.

Tungsten rings vs. Titanium:

1. Price:

Both of them are pretty affordable. Depending on size, style, and quality the price is varying.

2. Hardness:

Titanium is hard enough, but not more than tungsten. Tungsten is considered the hardest material.

Scratch-proof-Comparatively titanium has a more scratch-proof ability, but you cannot ignore the capability of tungsten.

3. Weight:

Titanium is light in weight, but tungsten is weighty metal. Titanium is widely used in jewelry items. In recent years, tungsten is also utilizing an ornament.

4. Resizing:

For their formation and strength, you cannot reshape them.
Because of their strength, as a general rule, neither titanium nor tungsten carbide rings can be resized. However, both materials are inexpensive.

Tungsten Carbide vs. Tungsten:

These are completely different. Carbide tungsten is stronger and more expensive than the normal one. Tungsten carbide is heavy, but regular tungsten is light. People use tungsten for jewelry.

Does tungsten cause allergy?

If you have healthy skin, it should not be a problem. For too much sensitive skin, it is a little bit irritating. This is an unpleasant drawback I find in this material.

Several tungstens finished aluminum goods:

1. Ground Finish Pure Tungsten Electrodes Aluminum Welding Rod WP 2.4175mm 3/32″x7″ 10pcs:

This is very heavy in weight. It has excellent corrosion resistance. You will enjoy its glazy finish and durability.

It has incredible strength with great reinforcement. For this fact, it has an excellent impression toward consumers.

2. Best Tactical Pen For Self-Defense With Tungsten Glass Breaker Made Of Ballistic Aluminum by Bunny Punch:

This is a powerful weapon for police, military, and camping riders. In the danger time, you can use it to protect yourself.

There is no possibility of corrosion and breakage. Even you can use it as a writing tool. It is quite smooth to use and grip.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Handbook:

This is a very informative book for arc welding. In this book, you will see the use of tungsten and instruction.

Genssi tig welding is also a better option for you.

Thoriated tungsten electrodes:

Usually, thoriated tungsten electrodes contain thorium and a radioactive material. But the thorium is used in 2% thoriated tungsten which is a radioactive element. That’s why these electrodes can pose environmental and health risks at elevated exposure levels. These are basically sharpened by grinding while preparing the gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).

What do you mean by arc stability?

Stable arc has three main characteristics; these are; constant length of the arc, a constant shape of droplets, and a low amount of spatter. When welding with a short arc, there can be a lack of fusion and a low deposition rate. It is virtually spattered free. And it generates fewer fumes than the conventional short arc.

What is Zirconiated tungsten used for?

A Zirconiated tungsten electrode makes an extremely stable arc and resists tungsten spitting. It is perfect for AC welding. The current carrying capability of this tungsten is equal to or greater than thoriated tungsten.


For TIG welding, particularly for aluminum, tungsten is a high and pretty successful sturdy metal. For household tool and style, this is a suitable material.