5 Best Welding Hood of 2021 for YOU [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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Best Welding hood

Selecting a good welding helmet is an essential and vital task. Besides a good welding helmet, it is necessary to buy a hood for safety and other reason.

A helmet can play a significant role in welding. Right and a perfect mask assures your safety and help to get better welding results.

The helmet which is missing quality can be very problematic. It can be a serious threat to safety purpose. It might cause an accident.

Welding is a challenging task. There is always a danger and unwanted accident. So being safe is a significant matter. But it will be not a big problem if you keep and use proper safety equipment with the appropriate guideline.

5 Best Welding Hood Comparison Chart [2021]: 

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5 Best Welding Hood Reviews:

  • Miller 216327 4 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ Inside Lens Cover For use with Elite, Digital Elite and Titanium 9400/9400i helmets
  • Lincoln Electric VIKING 2450 Black Welding Helmet with 4C Lens Technology – K3028-3
  • Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Dark Helmet
  • Save Phace 3010059 Black Asp Gen X Welding Mask
  • Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with AntFi X60-2 Wide Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13

1. Miller 216327 4 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ Inside Lens Cover For use with Elite, Digital Elite and Titanium 9400/9400i helmets:

The miller brought a fantastic helmet on the market. There is no doubt that it is capable of getting customer attention. The features are attractive and classy.

Features With specification:

  • Auto Dark system.
  • Various shade range: 3, 5 to 8 8 to 13
  • Reaction period: .00005 second
  • Weight: 2.4-ounce
  • Power source: Solar backup with lithium batteries
  • Viewing range: 3.85-inch

Facilities provided by Miller hood are:

Four performing modes: With various shade range, it has four modes. It can operate any welding duties. The four ways are:
1. Weld: 8 to 13 shade range
2. Cut: shade range is 5 to 10
3. Grind: Shade is 3
4. 5 To 13 shades can be done.

Solar backup lithium batteries:
The helmet contains cells. You need to charge it for work. Then it can play approximately 3000 hours. Lithium is used to make the batteries. It is wise to keep an eye on battery life as the battery drains very fast for some hoods.

Four arc sensors:
It has the quickest reaction period. It can make dark automatic even in rigid place.

Tremendously long-lasting:
Made of high dominant plastic. It has enough withstood power.

Attractive helmet bag and additional lens:
It includes a beautiful hood bag. You can carry through it and make it save. It also gives other seven lenses. 5 outside. And rest of the 2 for inside.

Overhead: Here overhead design is missing
Less viewing power: Relatively, its viewing area is less.

It is unique in class. The provided facilities and including features make it comfortable for users. It is great for professional welders.

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2. Lincoln Electric VIKING 2450 Black Welding Helmet with 4C Lens Technology – K3028-3:

The famous Lincoln is offering a new model helmet. This black welding helmet is one of the best welding helmets or welding masks.

Specification with features:

Clarity: optical clarity
Weight: 567 g
Sensor number: 4 sensors
Shade regulation: Internal
Power source: Lithium replaceable battery
Variable shade
Light sensitive


Automatic Darkening: Adjustable sensitivity. Large shade selection. No possibility of flashing. It can cope with any environment.

Optical clarity: 4 visual classes. All-time clear clarity.

Four lenses: This technology makes it crisper and brighter view.


Too much weight: It is heavy. It is relatively more substantial than another helmet. It has kneck support.

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3. Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Dark Helmet:

This auto darkening head protecting tool is mysterious in design. It is offering some facilities which are only available on this hood. This is one of the best entry level welding helmets.

Features and machine specification:

Automatic on and off program
Color: Black
Switch time: 1/25000 second
Shade: 3 light shade and 8 to 13 dark shades
Sensors: 3
Delay backup: 0.1 to 1.o seconds
Power source: Easily replaceable battery made of lithium iron
Infinitive Material: Strong polyamide

By using it, you can find a lot of advantages. The positive sides of this helmet are:

Best eye Protection:
The most sensitive part of your body is your eyes. While welding, any accident may hamper your eyes.

So be careful about it. Use a protective helmet. You can rely on Hobart helmet. They use LCD lens on it. It can assure your eyes safety. You will never face blinding flashes during working.

High visibility:
The power of its clarity is outstanding. It is immaculate and bright. The viewing area is large and full.

Automatic Darkening Lens:
After starting to weld, the lens will darken itself. Its reaction time is fast and quick. 8 to 13 range dark shades.

Devote grinding mode. It is the best auto darkening welding helmet for the money. it has auto darkening lenses.

Long lasting item:
It is made of polyamide. So it is a durable type of material. It is durable and rigid product.

Light in weight:
It is not heavy to carry. It is a very lightweight handy object.

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4. Save Phace 3010059 Black Asp Gen X Welding Mask:

Save Phace! They have enough protection to save you from an accident while welding.

Save Phace demands that they are the best. To support their speech, they are presenting an extraordinary product in the market to meet the customer’s reliability. The products are excellent.

It has good headgear adjustment options. It uses balder technology. Lens reaction time is very fast.

The hood from save phace is the best durable head protective welding equipment. It is assuring your safety as well as style. Only save face is thinking about the form of a product with quality. That’s why it becomes a unique, classy competitor in the welding market.

Save Phace advantage:

180-degree vision:
It can give you to enjoy superior sight for joining and breading. You can not find this feature with regular ones.

Auto-darkening process:
It mixes 180-degree vision with the Auto darkening system. For this, you can see both vertical and horizontal smoothly with the same items.

Facial shield:

This helmet entirely covers your face. But you do not feel discomfort from it.

Fantastic design:

With variable shades and model, it is indeed a good looking helmet. The company uses the expert designer for giving their helmet an excellent and extraordinary design.

Some models of Save Phace are:

Kanibal: It allows you easy movement.

Black ASP: This 2-pound helmet gives you a comfortable, movable mask. You can quickly up and down the hood.

Warpig: It is narrow in design. So it fits appropriately and gives better protection. But it never causes discomfort to wear.

Venom: It is Gen – Y series. Lightweight. Best ADF process is included in here. The viewing area is wide. It has various shades. But fix shade can be used too.

Chameleon: It is Gen –Y series. It has ADF with 180-degree viewing angle. The headgear is adjustable. It absorbs sweat and keeps you relax.

Murda: It is also Gen – Y series. It protects the entire face and throat. It is the best budget welding helmet.

Captain Jack: 40 sq inch viewing range. Include a large lens and quickly changing process. It never fogs up.

Iron Man: Want to be the hero of the Marvel movie. Oh, this can make you feel like that.

But it is only suitable for light working. For heavy duty work, it may be fade and become foggy. It is the best welding helmet for tig.

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5. Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with AntFi X60-2 Wide Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13:

The characteristics of this helmet make it the coolest helmet. The spread viewing area, right arc lens ADF facilities, everything is there.

Product Specification and Product Features:

  • Optical Clarity: 75 % optical clarity.
  • Arc Sensors: 4
  • Switching period: 0.00004 seconds
  • Delay period: 0.1 to 1.0 seconds
  • Shade variety: 5 to9 and 9to 13
  • Power source: solar cell
  • Material: polyamide nylon


High visibility: The power of its clarity makes you wonder. Its height is 2.5 inch, and the wide is 3.78 inch. It maximizes peripheral vision. It helps to watch the point entirely.

Powerful arc sensors: For performing the best operation, it allows you promised protection. It includes additional sensitivity. The number of arc sensor is very important. The higher, the better. Sensitivity and delay should be a high priority.

Shade 16 defense: If any failure happens such as electrical failure, it switches itself automatic intensive dark 16. It gives you better UV protection.

Superb design: It has six stylish and classy design.

Adjustable for all: It is perfect and suitable for expert users as well as new users.

Fit for all welding: It is a super versatile helmet. You can deal with all types of welding like Tig, plasma cutting, Stick welding, Mig and all.

Extra lens: It is giving an additional lens.

Lightweight: Its weight is below one pound. You never feel that you are wearing anything.


The parts get loose quickly.

Overall, It is a good buy for your money. This the best fixed lens welding helmet. It is the best antra helmet.

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Esab welding helmet:

These helmets come with high impact resistance nylon. They provide extreme comfort and balance. It is lightweight. That’s why you can easily use this welding helmet.

Bh3 welding helmet:

Jackson bh3 offers the best optical clarity. This auto-darkening welding helmet helps to protect your eye and face. It is comfortable and long-lasting. It is more efficient.

Again, Steampunk welding helmet also provides the best optical clarity. It offers an improved headgear designed for comfort and optimal fit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are photochromic glasses worth it?

Photochromic lenses can actually be quite cost-effective. It protects your eyes. These lenses do more than function as sunglasses. It actually filters out a good deal of the harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) rays emitted from the sun. Again, it helps to give healthier and happier eyes.

What is the importance of a helmet?

Eye protection:

The eye is the most critical body part of the human body. So it is necessary to take care of it. While welding, the flame and flash, and UV rays can hamper your eyes.

The retina can be burned; the eye becomes red, swelling, temporary and permanent blindness may occur.

To avoid these types of horrible danger, a welder should wear a highly protective hood.


It causes dangerous accidents. A helmet can save you from sparks.

Buying Tips:

It is tough and challenging to select the best one. Before purchasing, you should keep in your mind:

Give priority to the brands:

In the welding market, many brands are available. Maybe you get a cheaper rate from some brand. But it is tough to get an excellent quality product. Because all are not able to meet customers demand.

Check if they can offer you good features and other facilities. Also check the background of the brand, relation with customers and their transparency.

If it is ok, then you can decide to buy it. Most of the time, a good brand might be a bit costly. But it can provide better performance.

So these types of products should be bought from an excellent renowned brand. Ignore the low-class product. They are cheap and bad in performance.

Passive lens and auto lens:

The auto lens is dark in color. And it is coated with UV. There are varieties of shading number. The coating should be in a process that never hampers watching obstacle.

The passive lens provides different shades. The auto lens works better. It gives much flexibility.

Switch speed:

Quick and fast adjustable lens is preferable for carrying out your job.

Sensor Number:

Sensor numbers vary from helmet to helmet. You should target to find the sensors which are the highest in number. It improves the switching speed.

Safety standards:

The first and foremost reason for using the helmet is for safety. Then maybe style. If it is just a showpiece like a toy, then the result will be worse.

Many national and international standard organizations work for safety. The good company tries to fulfill that standard. If they can do it, then they achieve the certificate from them.

So take your helmet and other product which is safety certified.

Comfort and easy wear:

Make sure can it gives a relaxed feeling during your working time. When you can do your operation with comfort, there is a good possibility for better working output. So take a comfortable helmet for better welding and better feedback.


Your helmet should be durable and long-lasting. Otherwise, your cost becomes higher.

Easy carrying:

Though maximum hood is lightweight, target to buy the handiest item.


Versatility can give you an extra benefit. Try to take that hood which includes some extra stuff. It may be a bag or any replaceable parts. It will help your job and save money. You will not need to buy it separately.

Welding helmet parts:

All the top welding brands provide replacement facilities. You can replace your hood parts when you require.

Best rated auto-darkening welding helmets:

Now everyone is preferring ADF technology. Only some specific brand provides ADF. So you can select from them.

Helmet accessories:

Helmets need additional equipment. The renowned companies try to fulfill those and provide it with the helmet. Sometimes you need to buy it separately.

Essential hood equipment:

Bags, Batteries, Body protector, Filler plate, Headgear, Lens cover, magnifying plate, and other parts.

Never ignore to take safety equipment. Of all safety accessories, a hood is the most critical parts. So always use it while you are operating your welding machine.

Make sure your hood can protect you adequately. Choose the right mask according to your work. You should keep in mind that an accident can make you suffer whole life. But your little bit carefulness can avoid those unwanted situations.

Never forget and neglect to select the best hood for your highest security.

Welding Helmet Tips and Tricks: