Eastwood MIG 135 Review

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Eastwood MIG 135 Review

One of the most common types of welding is MIG. The full form of MIG is Metal Inert Gas. It is so popular that this welding is very easy to learn, and beginners can learn it in no time.

This welding process is widely used. MIG welding is used to melt and connect two metallic parts. In this process, a wire electrode is fed using one electric gun.

After a specific temperature reaching the metals melt and you can join the metals. As I have mentioned, MIG is relatively easy to learn, but that doesn’t mean you will quickly get efficient service.

A proper MIG welder is needed to accomplish the job. A good MIG welding machine will give you top-quality works. May it be any DIY projects, household work, or small constructions.

You will find plenty of MIG welders in the market. Eastwood MIG 135 is one of the popular ones. It has impressive performance with a high price tag.

In terms of price, you will get a super quality welder machine. In this article, I will give you a detailed review of the Eastwood MIG 135 welder machine. The specifications, features, and a comprehensive review.

Who will use Eastwood MIG 135?

Eastwood MIG 135 best suits the beginners. MIG welding is easy to learn. The Eastwood MIG welder is designed so that it is the best one for the starters.

The features are easy to understand. The operating is smooth. Any beginner can learn all the handling tips of this machine in a few days.

After buying this machine, in a week, you can be a pro. This is a 135 Amp machine, which means it is suitable for thin metals.

For heavy-duty work, this machine won’t work correctly. For that purpose, you need something more massive.

Eastwood 135 is ideal for beginners who are just starting their work with MIG welding. Plus, the price is also a significant matter.

If you are new, you won’t want to spend a big chunk of money on a heavy welding machine. You will, of course, invest in something budget-friendly. 

So that when you will gather enough experience, you can switch to a heavy-duty and more powerful MIG welder machine.

Eastwood has an affordable price that won’t be heavy on your pocket. That’s why all the beginners are recommended to buy Eastwood MIG 135.


Eastwood MIG 135 is suitable for MIG welding and can do flux core welding with it. This machine has a welding range of 25 to 135 Amp.

It can weld 3 to 16 inches metal. This machine works great on Aluminum. You can use household 120 Volt input for this machine. 

Here are the specifications of Eastwood MIG 135:

  • Output Amp range is 25-135 Amp.
  • Input Voltage is 120 Volts.
  • Maximum Output No Load Voltage is 28 V DC
  • Input power cord length is 6′
  • Duty cycle is 20% at 90 A
  • This machine weights 25kg
  • Compatible With 20172 spool guns for welding Of Aluminum
  • It comes with a gas regulator and Gauges.
  • Welds mild stainless steel.


Eastwood MIG 135 welder has quite a lot of features to be your favorite one. You will be surprised to get all these at such a low price.

Easy to use

This welder is very easy to use. The instruction and operation are very easy to understand and easy to do. The process has user-friendly settings. This is one of the unique features of Eastwood MIG 135.


This welder machine is very lightweight. It weighs only 25kgs. This machine is easy to carry. You can move it to one place to another.

Carrying this on a cart makes it easy to mobilize. This machine doesn’t take more space. You can easily store it. 


Another useful feature of this welder machine is, the material used to build this machine is robust and strong. Eastwood is a famous and reputed company.

The material used to construct this machine is very durable. It will last you for a long time. You will get the best quality at an affordable price.


This machine works great in MIG welding and FLUX core. Though this machine is more useful on thin metal, the performance it gives is high-quality.

You can use this machine to weld mild steel and stainless steel. If you want to weld Aluminum, you can use a spool gun. You can use this welder in different materials with a thickness of 24 gauge.


This machine has very easy to understand controls. Two control knobs help you to control wire feed speed and voltage.

These controls are easy to operate, and you can have full control over your work. It comes with infinite voltage control.

This is a unique feature of this product. This kind of function is very uncommon in a cheap machine-like Eastwood. 

Input Power Source

You can use this machine anywhere. It supports 120 V power input. You can easily find a power source with 120v in your household.

This makes it easy to use. This machine also has thermal protection that prevents any damage from overheating.


Another useful feature is you get a 3-year warranty with this machine. It’s a full warranty that covers any part replacement within the period.


You can find different accessories with this machine-like; gas regulator, gauges, Tweco style torch, clamps, etc. 

Why should you choose this welder?

This is a good option for beginners and to those who work on light projects. First of all, this machine is very cheap.

For a beginner, it is not practical to invest a significant amount on his welding machine. At first, he would want to learn things before doing heavy work.

The controls are straightforward to understand. You can efficiently operate it and do simple welding works.

Another reason for choosing this welder is easy to understand usability. You don’t have to worry about many things, as the controls are simple.

This welder is a 135 Amp machine, which means it can only work on thin metals. It doesn’t burn as hot as heavy-duty welders.

For lightweight welding materials and doing simple home projects, this welder is perfect.

Benefits of Using Eastwood MIG 135

Here are the benefits of using Eastwood MIG 135:

  • The price is fantastic, no doubt. You get a lot of features at such a low price. If you are looking for something on a budget, this is a perfect choice.
  • You get total protection while using this welder. Usually, all welder gets overheated if used for a long time. It can result in accidents. This machine has a thermal shut system that automatically shuts down if the temperature is more.
  • This machine has user-friendly controls. These are easy to operate and control. Beginners can use this without any hesitation.
  • This machine uses a 120 V input power source, which is readily available. You can use this anywhere in your home or the construction place.
  • This machine weighs only 25 kg, which is very light considering a welding machine. You can quickly move it from one place to another.
  • It comes with infinite control that makes the welding control very easy.
  • This machine is also compatible with spool guns. You can use it to weld aluminum too.


Here are some alternatives to Eastwood MIG 135 welder:


This is almost the same as the Eastwood MIG 135. This machine supports 240 Volt input and 10-amp supply. This also has protection against overheating. So, you get full protection.

You do not need extra gas to operate this machine. This machine is AC compliant. The controls are easy to use. This is also the right choice for beginners.

Hobart 500414 115-Volt, 135 Amp Handler 135 Welder

Hobart is another brand that makes MIG welders. This model can be an excellent alternative to the Eastwood MIG 135. This machine operates on a 115-volt input power supply.

You do not need shielding gas with this machine. It is also easy to operate. You do not need any additional kit to use this welding handler. The price is also affordable, making this a right choice for beginners.

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder

This is another alternative for the Eastwood machine. This is easy to operate the machine. This machine is powerful, giving an output of 140 Amp.

Forney comfortable weld is very lightweight with a weight of 19lbs. You can quickly move it to your construction site. This machine has a metal case that makes it more durable and robust.


Eastwood MIG 135 can be a great choice if you are starting up with MIG welding. The price is so affordable that it can be your first choice.

Eastwood is a reputed company that offers the right quality product in a low-price range. If you need good quality MIG welding work or flux core welding, this could be your ultimate choice.

The performance of this welding machine is constant. It gives high-quality work on thin materials. Comparing to other models of a similar price range, you can easily understand why this machine is better.

This machine offers you so many features but in a budget. For thick material, you won’t find this useful. But if your work concentrates on thin materials, then this could be the right product for you.