5 Best Hobart Plasma Cutter Review for Fantastic Welding [2020]

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Best Hobart plasma cutter review

The Hobart plasma cutter must be your best choice if you are seeking a good quality plasma cutter for short metal work. It allows you a clean cut, and it is simple to use.

It also provides a digital display and air-striking process. It is manufactured to ensure you a trustable operation for a better output.

You can apply it both to your domestic work and also it is perfect for your shop and business field. It works like a sharp knife. It is a cheap plasma cutter.

Doubtlessly it is a user-friendly device. If you use it only for your hobby, you can call it a good toy. In business purpose, it would be your dependable business partner.

Best Hobart Plasma Cutter  Comparison Chart [2020]: 

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5 Best Hobart Plasma Cutter  Reviews:

  • 240-volt plasma cutter: Hobart 500565 Airforce 27i Plasma Cutter 120/240V
  • Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter with Built-In Air Compressor 120V
  • Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter 240V
  • Hobart EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC TIG Welder with Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart and Welding Rod
  • Hobart 500565 Airforce 27i Plasma Cutter 120/240V

 1. 240-volt plasma cutter: Hobart 500565 Airforce 27i Plasma Cutter 120/240V:

It is the most straightforward plasma cutter. By this, you can deal with cast iron, Magnesium, copper, titanium, aluminum, etc. It is easy to start and provides you with powerful welding.


  • Lightweight. It is portable. You can carry it easily to your workplace and shop.
  • Panic less start for having striking ark structure.
  • Warning valve for thermal protection
  • LCD
  • Air or gas regulates internally with pressure regulation
  • The torch is PT-40 attached by a safety guard.
  • Duty cycle percentage is 40%
  • Single phage
  • Provides short hose and ground cable

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2. Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter with Built-In Air Compressor 120V:

This is a high-speed device with inverter design. It cuts fast and precisely. It can cut more than 1/4 inch by the domestic current.

It contains tips, electrode, sand off guide, power cord.


  • Portable because of lightweight
  • Flexible cable
  • Thermal protective
  • 355 duty cycle
  • Comfortable
  • Coefficient and economic

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3. Hobart EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC TIG Welder with Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart and Welding Rod:

This self-reliant machine is tough. Its cutting power is high. It even achieved the editor choice award.

For cutting metal, it requires a power outlet only. This considerably minimizes the amount of apparatus you need for an ordinary task.


  • Variable shade
  • Able to cut ¼ inch things or less
  • Will not matter if you do not have the air compressor
  • Powered by domestic outlet.
  • Rubber sleeve which prevents sparks protect the torched cord
  • The power cord is 7 feet long

Accessories :

  • Darkling Helmet
  • Welding gloves
  • Tips
  • Electrodes
  • Car

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4. Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter 240V:

This weightless handy product is economical. It can cut all kinds of conductive metal.

It is capable of good performance. You can use it on the farm, auto body, and plumbing. Fantastic for light work as well as a massive industrial job.


  • Cuts quickly
  • Precise cut

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5. Hobart 500565 Airforce 27i Plasma Cutter 120/240V

This model comes with a multi-voltage plugging option that helps to connect with both120 volts and 240 volts power.

It can cut at least 3/8 inches thicker mild steel very effectively.  It runs only during the dust reducing period.

Also, it includes XT30R torch that gives excellent support to work in a dark place.

It follows advanced tunnel technology that makes the object highly abrasive-proof and saves from damaging the interior components.

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Hobart plasma cutter parts:

The parts of Hobart plasma cutter are easy to replace. They are available in the market. So, you do not have to worry if you need new parts.

Hobart plasma cutter problem:

Some parts of this machine have to replace early. Otherwise, it will not work correctly.

When a plasma cutter is not working, don’t worry. Focus on the duty cycle. Over duty cycle, loose electrode, the regular ground connection is the reason for this error. Instant starting and stopping also cause it.

Safety advice:

The following instruction must be kept in your mind while working. Otherwise, electric shock and serious injury may occur. So be careful.

  • Ensure safe working environment: Make the workplace extra safe. The work area must be free from grease, oil and other flammable stuff. The chemical which is flammable is a significant threat. So keep away from it.
  • Do not work in wet places.
  • Unplug the device from doing any clearance and inspection.
  • Off the switch before plug it
  • Protect your eye: Most sensible body part is your eyes. So you can use a glass. The helmet can save your eye, heads, Total upper part.
  • Never wear cuff pant
  • Wear protective fire foot
  • Your dress must not have any oil on it.
  • Forbid the children to enter your operational area


 Power switch

 Air switch

  • Torch
  • Ground Clamp
  • Air inlet
  • Power Cord
  • Power switch
  • Set air
  • Circuit breaker

Before Operation:

  • Before start, the work check the cooling fan, broken parts and any harmful matter
  • Quickly replace worn parts
  • Make the ground place dry, oil-free, clean
  • Avoid failure of the duty cycle

Cutting tips:

  • To be a skilled cutter, you need time and patience. So keep practicing.
  • Maintain arc on a workpiece
  • Make air pressure from 60 to 80 PSI. Because increasing air pressure will increase plasma speed
  • The increase in amperage help to increase the cutting heat
  • Every electric conductive metal can be cut. However, too many thick or too much thin things are very tough to cut. So cut in the medium range
  • The torch should move slowly for the hard stuff
  • For a thinner particle, the torch has to move quickly

If any reason the cutter is off; then check:

  • Torch distance
  • Dirty workpiece
  • Poor workpiece
  • Circuit breaker

After the end of cutting:

  • Move the torch from the working area. Put it in a cool part of a table.
  • Give a minimum of 10 minutes to cool down the plasma cutter machine. Keep the fan on.
  • Off power switch
  • Disconnect air switch
  • Unplug power cord

Maintenance instruction:

  • According to instruction, every day maintain air supply
  • If the units are being stopped again and again; then off all works by the machine. Check it and repair it by an experienced technician.
  • Preserve it any dry place and keep it unreachable from children

Finally, a piece of advice for you, a good outcome depends on your choice, on your decision. So always go for the best welding device.

Now you know why you can trust this brand, why you should buy it. However, still, if you have any doubt; you can ask. We are always ready to give you the answer. So last suggestion, realize its value.

Hope that you will get a good result and output.

Hobart Plasma Cutter Tips: