6 Best Random Orbital Sander Reviews – Buying Guide [2021]

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Random orbital sander review

A woodworker needs to keep a couple of tools for his working projects.

Among all those tools, an orbital sander is a widespread thing. It is considered an essential object for a carpenter.

What is the Orbital Sander?

Sanding is a crucial stage in the woodworking process, and it is carried out by an orbital sander. An orbital sander is an essential object for furniture finishing, cabinet making, and other woodworking projects.

It works very smoothly over the workpiece. The exceptional character of this machine is, it never creates any ugly spot or stain on your working material. As a result, you get an appealing and smooth finish. Then you can paint it to intensify its beauty.

However, you will get the expected output only when you will use complete sanding equipment. There is no alternative to a quality sander. That’s why your primary challenge is picking the right product.

Best Random Orbital Sanders Comparison Chart [2021]: 

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In this case, you can rely on some individual items that are unique. I am sharing those in front of you with a short description.

I noticed that these are the most dominating products in the market competition. Besides this, they have considerable popularity towards the end-users.

6 Best Random Orbital Sanders Reviews:

1. Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit – Best Overall Random Orbital Sander: Our top selection:

Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit
About the manufactured good:
Makita BO5041K is presenting a powerful amp with a faster and smooth finishing.

The speed is more than 4000 to 12000 OPM. Also, you are getting a rubberized soft and comfortable palm grip.

So you will get more flexibility to operate this. The finger trigger mechanism minimizes your efforts and makes the entire work faster and easier. Overall, this is an ideal product for everyone.


  • Rubberized grip
  • High-capacity
  • Variable speed
  • Two-finger trigger button
  • Dust removal system

Relatively expensive

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2. DeWalt DWE6421K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit: Editor’s selection:

DeWalt DWE6421K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit
About the manufactured good:
DeWalt DWE6421K is a handy product and allows you to use it in your multiple functions.

In this gadget, you are getting a powerful amp and high capacity. The dust-sealed finish increases its strength and ensures durability.

Even you will get a sound dust removal method that helps to keep the tool always clean.

The fixed speed helps to minimize the vibration and provides smooth operation. In a word, DeWalt DWE6421K is an excellent sander.

The Pros:

  • 3.0 amperage motor
  • Vibration reducing apparatus
  • One-hand locking
  • Dust-sealed switch

The Cons:
Fixed speed

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3. DeWalt DWE6423K 5-Inch Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander:

DeWalt DWE6423K 5-Inch Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander
About the manufactured good:
This is another surprise gift from well-known Dewalt brand.

For the three amperage motor, you can enjoy the variable speed and the most effective performance.

The speed range is near about 8000 to 12000 OPM. The dust collection features nicely eliminate the dirt and derbies. The 5 inches orbital sander helps to keep close to the working material and provides better control.

It is comfortable to hold, and the vibration rate is limited and tolerable. This could be you’re a great selection. I highly recommend it to you.


  • Changeable speed control
  • Dust-sealed button
  • Relatively versatile
  • Low vibration

The power cord is short

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4. Bosch ROS20VSC 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander:Bosch ROS20VSC 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

About the manufactured good:
Bosch ROS20VSC is a popular brand and has enormous popularity in the market.

It is offering you an impressive performance with its variable speed.

Even the finish is pretty smooth and eye-catching. The included soft gift helps to hold it in multiple positions, and the holding is quite comfortable.

Also, you are getting a hoop for flexible storing and maintenance. In general, this is one f the best orbital sander. Keep it on your top choice list.


  • Relaxed soft-grip
  • Low-vibration function
  • Multiple speed control
  • Loop and hook disc attachment

The motor is not powerful

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5. Makita BO5031K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit:Makita BO5031K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit

About the manufactured good:
Makita BO5031K is a durable and sturdy tool. The latest dust-sealed mechanism increases its longevity.

Besides this, high-quality construction is also a reason for its extended lifespan.

It is a unique combination of speed and accuracy. The dust collection process is also satisfactory. You will also enjoy the simple maintenance and secure storing facility.


  • Variable speed
  • Pad control method
  • The well-organized dust collection process
  • Dust-sealed knob

Dust bag requires more improvement

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6. BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch: best random orbital sander for woodworking:BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch: best random orbital sander for woodworking

About the manufactured good:

This is the cheapest sander I have ever found in the market, but the quality is high enough to satisfy you. You can see some features that can deliver a better output.

The power of this tool is 2.00 amps. You are also getting a hook for hanging it.

The coolest thing is it works very quickly. Overall, it is a durable and reliable sander both for the beginners and the pro users.


  • Compact size
  • Hook system
  • Dust-sealed button
  • Highly affordable


  • Fixed speed minimizes its uses
  • The motor is not powerful

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Bosch pex random orbital:

This sader has a soft grip for comfortable handling. This random orbital sander is a lightweight and compact design. It is perfect for sanding and polishing flat or curved surfaces. It is user friendly.

Makita bo5041k:

Makita comes with smooth and fast sanding with a 3.0 AMP motor. It has an adjustable front handle that offers for sanding in corners and confined areas. It has a variable speed control capacity.

Again, the digital brushless motor of the random orbital sander provides high performance and ultra-smooth sanding

How to get a perfect Random Orbital Sander?

Top 7 secret tips for picking an ideal orbital sander

1. Motor Power
2. Fixed or Variable Speed
3. Speed Range
4. Comfortable Grip
5. Vibration
6. Dust Collection
7. Cord Length

What is OPM on a sander?

Ans: How rapidly does your sander vibrate. This measurement of the sander is often in OPM (orbits per minute). The faster your sander vibrates, the quicker it will sand.

What is the random orbital sander used for?

Ans: The random orbital sander is preparing your surface before and after painting. It is used for ultra-smooth sanding. This sander can be used on plastic, wood, or metalworking. Again, it can be used for various applications, from painting jobs to restoring headlight transparency.

Orbital sander vs. Random Orbital Sander:

I noticed two significant differences and those are:

Number one: shape:

Usually, a random orbital is rounded. On the other hand, an orbital is square.

Number two:

A random orbital delivers a smooth sanding and suitable for more substantial works. But the average orbital is not suitable for more massive activities.

Variation of Random Orbital Sanders:

There are many types of Random orbital sanders. Those are:

  • Palm Grip
  • Right Angle
  • Large Inline Sander

Ten significant Features for an ideal Orbital Sander:

1. Faster Paper
2. Variable Speed
3. Vacuum Options
4. Sander Grips
5. Power Cord
6. Sealed -button Trigger Lock
7. Portability
8. Pad Brakes
9. Safety
10. Warranties and Guarantees

Bottom line:

My offered goods are high in quality and ability to deliver a better service. You can trust those and enjoy the cool service that you expect.