5 Best Save Phace Welding Helmet Review – Buying Guide [2021]

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Best Save Phace Welding Helmet Review

Save Phace is the most reliable welding helmet you can find in our opinion.

Its auto-darkening filter makes it stand out from its competition.

Moreover, you can get a view of 180 degrees without any blockade. So it becomes safer for you.

Including unique features and for having a good view makes the product more unique and attractive.

The design of the helmet quickly catches your attention. Its unusual cool look made it super famous. You will not only be a welder; you can be an artist.

Best Save Phace Welding Helmet Comparison Chart [2021]: 

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It is following an unusual strategy. The maximum company focuses on quality. However, the exciting fact is that save phace also gives the same importance to the outlook, fashion, and style besides providing the best quality. For that reason, it becomes a certified well-known brand in welding.

Besides good quality, it is offering you a good and impressive style. If you are selective and stylish, then this will match you.

In a profession or hobby, always safety deserves priority. So be aware of it. This helmet can take this responsibility. You can depend on it.

5 Best Save Phace Welding Helmet Reviews:

  • Save Phace 3012145 Marvel Venom Gen-Y Series Welding Helmet
  • Save Phace 3010059 Black Asp Gen X Welding Mask
  • Save Phace 3011322 Gate Keeper Gen-Y Welding Helmet
  • Save Phace 3010738 Metal Hed Elementary Series Weld Mask
  • Save Phace 3011674 Kannibal 40-Vizl2 Series Welding Helmet

1. Save Phace 3012145 Marvel Venom Gen-Y Series Welding Helmet:

• Ear-Ear vision
• Viewing area one is the second position in the world
• Weight under 24 oz
• Very light in weight
• The first helmet adjust with ADF, and it comes with high-quality ADF.
• World’s largest viewing area of over 40 sq. Inches

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2. Save Phace 3010059 Black Asp Gen X Welding Mask:

• Made of nylon
• Solar power source
• 5000 hours of battery life
• Metric measurement system
• 2 lb weight
• 4*4 ADF
• Hard hat can be used
• Safety glass can be worn under it

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3. Save Phace 3011322 Gate Keeper Gen-Y Welding Helmet:

• Viewing area large
• Only 1.7 lb weight
• Awesome graphics
• 2 automatic sensors

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4. Save Phace 3010738 Metal Hed Elementary Series Weld Mask:

• Lens design 180-degree views
• Hot air can pass
• Keep the EFT either close or far
• Providing maximum vision

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5. Save Phace 3011674 Kannibal 40-Vizl2 Series Welding Helmet:

• Offering ADF
• Rounded shape
• Killer graphics
• Avoid trapping
• You can also use it while riding a motorcycle, power washing and so many no metallic sectors.
• 2 lb weight
• Sweat absorbent
• Approved by CE and ANSI
• Apply to MIG welding, plasma cutting

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Dual halo headgear welding helmet:

It comes with an extra lightweight design. The dual halo headgear helmet provides maximum comfort and adjustability.

efp- I and efp-E welding helmet are also lightweight.

Gen y welding helmet:

This helmet is made from high impact Nylon. It comes with an adjustable ADF integrated into a 180 lens design. This Gen y is the lightest welding helmet in the world. It also has high-quality halo headgear. This headgear allows you to move your helmet closer or further away from your face.

Are auto-darkening welding helmets safe?

Auto-darkening welding helmets are safe for you. These helmets do not have to be taken on and off. It is helping welder’s focus on their projects and reduce the risk of injuries and errors. Welders have different choices when choosing a welding helmet.

What are arc sensors in the welding helmet?

An auto-darkening ADF or filter is a liquid crystal display. It has light sensors that mounted near the lens to detect the welding arc. When the lens is di-activated, the LCD filter will typically have a 3 or 4 shade similar to your sunglasses. So it’s easy to see with your welding helmet in place.

Y series:

• Only 4/9 to 13 ADF
• Approved by ASI, CE, and others
• Style with quality
• Multipurpose tool

The Features of Save Phace Helmets:


This technology helps you to see both vertical and horizontal sight. Only this brand can give you this facility.

Fantastic Design:

For offering you an excellent helmet with beautiful design; the artists of save phace is not at rest.

They always try to bring a new model with a unique shape. Those are different from other company.

Lens Reaction:

The ADT reaction time is swift. That can protect you from flash without discomfort.

Natural Transformation:

You can transfer this helmet into splash guard, grinding musk if necessary. So you do not need to buy separate parts. This way you can save your money.

Breathe easy:

It is comfortable to wear. It allows the hot air out from it. So you will not get uneasy or uncomfortable. So welding can be more enjoyable.

Perfect for various operations:

Not only for welding but also it is capable of other application. You may use it in sandblasting, washing, and many other tasks.

Long lasting:

Sturdy nylon with power heat are used to manufacture it. So you will not have to replace it within a short time.


It is certified by the much renowned standard organization for maintaining excellent quality and safety issues. It got the certificate from CE, ANSI, CSA.

RFP:Save Phace 3011599 ADF Front Hard Cover Lens for RFP – 1 pack:

• Green color lens
• Well airflow
• Over welding is approved
• Tighter spaces
• Easy to replace

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Yes, this rfp welding is offering you many features with stylish design including durability and comfort. However, there are some problem and limitation too.

Unfortunately, it is unable to give you variable shade. It plays just two shades. Only 3 and 10. You are really in the problem if your required shade is over 10.

The second problem is, it has only 2 sensors. Some consumers say it is not enough to keep safe from flash.

Another difficulty is about the cover lens. It demands a quick replacement because it gets damaged very fast.

The facilities of this brand are more significant than its imitations. So we suggest you ignore its pardonable faults and give the priority of its specialty.

It is sure that it is unique and different in quality. It is offering you some appearance which is only available here. However, those are impossible to find in another brand.

So if you want to utilize your money, with good feedback through safety and with comfort; don’t worry. Yes, you are in the right place. Purchase it, use it and make a bridge with save phace. Hope you will be a gainer in your profession or aim.

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